Where to start…

As the first post on my first blog, the heading has two meanings:

Where do I start with this in writing? It’s been such a long time coming in getting around to writing about our journey, I’m not sure whether to start from the beginning or just carry on from where we are now.

It was also my reaction when I first saw the plot of land we’d been offered…


But we wanted a challenge, and were desperate to grow on more space that our little window box and front garden could currently cope with. So, after 3 months, we have pulled out all the brambles and nettles, half of a wildly overgrown Euonymus and dug over 2 good plots for veg. We have also invested in 2 chickens and are halfway to having a clay pizza oven built (more on this story as it progresses – the two aren’t related).

In February/early March I got a bit overexcited about sowing so we currently have peas, broad beans, potatoes, garlic, red and white onions, courgette, squash and sweetcorn out – with more currently being sown in case we get a freak frost, a plague of slugs or the chickens escape and eat everything. It’s all a bit of an experiment this year as we have no idea how badly the brambles will come back through, or how shady it will actually be.

So I guess the purpose of this blog is to chart those successes or failures and share some of my own passion for making do with the space you have and growing anything you can.



  1. naturalpfg · May 7, 2013

    Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures!

  2. laurelcrownedorganics · May 12, 2013

    This sounds exciting! Love the plot of land you have. Looking forward to more posts

  3. beeseeker · May 23, 2013

    Taking photos so you can see the progress is a great way to start.
    Good luck and enjoy the adventure 🙂

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