Adventures with eggs

So yesterday evening, left to my own devices, I decided I’d do myself a light supper of asparagus, poached fresh eggs and hollandaise.

It was my first attempt at a hollandaise, so I thought it was probably worth documenting as it might be amusing. First hurdle was we had no white wine vinegar in the house, but we did have cider vinegar. I’m forever substituting ingredients in my last minute cooking. I knew it’d be a bit sharper in taste than a traditional hollandaise but figured it’d still be pretty darn close.

My first attempt curdled as it was too hot so I started again. Second attempt came through and I was so pleased! But then I left it on the bain marie while doing the poached eggs and it went to far through thick and velvety and back to buttery wateriness again. So, after some thumping of pans and muttered swearing, third time round luckily worked again. 



Verdict on the hollandaise with cider vinegar – yes it is quite sharp, but I suspect if you used a very high quality, slightly mellower, cider vinegar it would work just as well as white wine vinegar. I used a standard sort of one so although it was perfectly passable I think I’d bear it in mind for next time. Texture and viscosity-wise it was perfect, lovely and velvety thick. 

Anyway, if you wanted to make hollandaise and were stuck without lemon and white wine vinegar I believe my quantities were something along the lines of 3oz of salted butter, 40ml of cider vinegar and 1 egg yolk. Then the usual, whisk, whisk and whisk some more, over a bain marie. 

Hopefully planning on continuing some cooking adventures with eggs in the near future. Still getting around to doing that quiche with the surplus. Maybe tomorrow…


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