Finding time. (And a cat.)

New cat, new job, more vegetables, more weeding, more sun, more cordials, more baking. In a nutshell that’s been me over the last month, hence not finding time to update on here. However after some feedback on the format/content of this blog from a couple of close friends, I’m going to try something a bit different. Watch this space for more.

ImageThis is Mabel, the new (but not really new) cat.

Ever sensible man bought her when she was a kitten but when we decided to move to the city we rehomed her. Long story short; she went missing (for two years), she got found, we got a call, we went to get her and there was a big reunion. Now our family has two chickens and a cat. What will come next I wonder?

On another note, I calculated I carried about 36 litres of water from our first floor flat over 200m to the garden one day last week. I think we need to look into getting a water butt/water storage device of some kind.


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