First homegrown dinner


So I came home this evening and ever sensible man had already made dinner (lucky me!). Our first dinner with homegrown produce included: baby courgette, broad beans, peas, Nasturtiums, baby beetroot, kale and chard leaves, radishes, new potatoes and finally soft boiled eggs from the chooks. The roast chicken wasn’t one of ours (or so I’ve been told – I’ll be checking later!) There’s absolutely nothing better than the excitement of having your own food on your plate. And not only that but even a humble soft boiled egg tastes like the best egg you’ve ever had. Fingers crossed the veg starts ripening thick and fast now – I’m impatient for another taste! 



  1. thinkingcowgirl · July 16, 2013

    Looks amazing, I’m getting hungry 🙂

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