I spy with my little eye….more courgettes!



So we have three thriving courgette plants (and two slightly stunted ones that got planted out too early!) But the three big’uns each have three baby plants developing – 9 courgettes! That’s if I can keep them going and prevent them from being eaten by any bugs, chickens or hungry neighbours! We already had one baby courgette in our homegrown salad the other day and it was so sweet and fresh tasting. Must start thinking of some great recipes to make the most of the fresh ones. 

That’s nasturtium flowers in the background – looking forward to having a few more of them too so I can get some more nice colourful salads on the go!

In other news, we still have no water storage/big containers over in the garden and this week it’s getting a bit unbearable – approx. 55 litres of water carried down from first floor last night and the night before! Mum reckons to get one of those camping water containers that have wheels, now I just have to find one…



  1. roberta4949 · July 18, 2013

    is courgette a type of squash?

    • makedoandgrow · July 21, 2013

      It’s a zucchini – just what we call them in the uk!

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