Baby leaves and happy chickens


It was such nice weather this afternoon, not too hot but still great and sunny, I decided to thin out the brassica/beets patch so they can get nice and big. We picked some for the homegrown salad the other day but it really needed much more taken out for it to have any chance if reaching a decent size. As I was picking them, the chickens were jumping up and down with excitement! So I gave them the weeds and a few leaves. But I got so many lovely colourful baby leaves that it seemed a shame to give them all to the chooks, as much as they enjoyed it. So I washed them all off and instead of buying salad, I’ll be using them for my lunches this week.


Just having a quick sit down before psyching myself up for watering the whole plot! (As much as I love the sun – I cant wait for a little bit of rain, if just to save my legs and arms from all that carrying!) 

More new potatoes for dinner tonight, as well as the leaves. Yum.


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