My, oh my, cherry pie

This weekend we went on a family visit to Kent and whilst I was sat there on the sofa at someone’s house, I noticed a glut of berries on a tree at the end of the garden. Curious as ever, I went to go have a closer look and they turned out to be cherries – and on taste inspection, the gorgeous little tart ones that were perfectly ripe. I asked if they minded us taking a few, which they didn’t, so we brought a little pot back…

ImageI wanted to make a cordial, but didn’t really have enough so the obvious second choice was pie! I found a recipe online – mixing my sour cherries with regular store-bought cherries gave me enough fruit to get more than a smatter of filling. Adding a couple of table spoons of sugar and some cornflour made them reduce to a jammy sauce when they cooked down. Finally instead of doing a normal or lattice pie lid, the recipe suggested a crumble top with oats and almonds – I thought that sounded yum so thought I’d give it a try.


ImageNot bad for the first pie I’ve made in a while – the cherries were lovely, although I wish I’d had enough to do only sour cherries inside – I think the sweet ones detracted from the overall depth of flavour a bit. Also I blind baked the pie crust for a bit too long so by the time the whole pie came out at the end it was a little bit too brown – not burnt but definitely more brown than golden! Crumble was also a great choice for the topping – the sweetness wasn’t overpowering and the almonds were obviously a great match for the cherry filling – I think I actually prefer crumble top to a pastry one.  You can get pastry overkill! But due to limited amount of filling I think crumble to filling ratio wasn’t quite spot-on…all learnings for next time. 

And in future – I need to make more pies! I really enjoyed my slow afternoon baking with the radio on. Just got to find another free source of fruit…I remember finding Damsons and wild plums on a weekend out of the city the year before last so I think, come September, it might be time for another ramble/forage. 



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