I’m not a cat person, but I’m a crazy cat lady

I don’t really know how it works. I have a love\hate relationship with our cat. I’ve never been a cat person – I just don’t understand how their brains work therefore find them a bit unnerving. Dogs – simple. Horses – also simple, to an extent. Cats – downright bizarre.

But the fact remains I now have one, and she is very cute and (usually) good. 

ImageBut she was used to being outside when she didn’t live in London and now, until our terrace is finished, she is an indoors cat. I get worried that she gets bored. So when I found some scrap plywood down the road, and some carpet offcuts in the corner of the spare room, an idea started formulating…

(This is how my ideas usually formulate)


I wasn’t entirely sure it was going to work. But at least the materials for half of it were free. 

ImageAfter a long day, lots of sawdust, keeping the cat away from everything sharp and hot, stepping on an upturned screw (ow), very unprofessionally using ever-sensible man’s electric drill (I only dropped it once), and only stopping to make one call and plant some autumn potatoes, I ended up with this.

ImageNot quite finished in one day then. But most of the way there. I got Mabel on it with treats but the top wobbled and she wasn’t sure about that so some reinforcements are needed. And I’ve still got some sisal rope to wrap the planks to make them into suitable scratch posts, which I just couldn’t face at 9pm on a Sunday night.

So there you are. All because I was worried my cat was bored. She’ll probably only give it half a glance and never go on it, but at least I know I tried! I may not be a cat person, but I think I probably now qualify for a crazy cat lady. At least I can always say I try and keep my animals happy. Cats are just a bit more demanding than chickens. 



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