Hurry up and ripen up!


I spied these beauties in the garden last night, can’t wait for them to ripen up. There’ll be tomato salads all round; get the mozzarella and basil out! 

Also, massive excitement for me as my squash seems to be getting bigger everyday. I can’t even remember which type of squash it is as the first ones got eaten/squashed so I planted these as a last ditch attempt and they’ve finally done really well. One plant is smaller than the other – they might be different types but the baby plants forming all look the same – yellow and round. I think you’re meant to put the fruits on straw to stop them from rotting where they touch the ground so will look into that as I have no intention of losing them now.


Must find time to do some more planning for a quick autumn crop and what will over-winter. Maybe a job for the long weekend, that and freezing the last of the blackberries on the garden for a guaranteed autumn full of pies, crumbles and booze experiments.

And finally, Mabel says ‘Hi’. A proper lady as always.




First courgette excitement


So this was the result of the allotment visit this evening, and I was very excited by it! The first decent size courgette we’ve found so far and a couple of days ago it was tiny like the rest. But with the overnight rain it seems to have gone into overdrive. Very much looking forward to finding a good recipe for it…

Eggs as normal…although shortly after this photo I turned my back and they rolled off the chopping board and cracked. Ooops! That’s breakfast sorted tomorrow then.

I spy with my little eye….more courgettes!



So we have three thriving courgette plants (and two slightly stunted ones that got planted out too early!) But the three big’uns each have three baby plants developing – 9 courgettes! That’s if I can keep them going and prevent them from being eaten by any bugs, chickens or hungry neighbours! We already had one baby courgette in our homegrown salad the other day and it was so sweet and fresh tasting. Must start thinking of some great recipes to make the most of the fresh ones. 

That’s nasturtium flowers in the background – looking forward to having a few more of them too so I can get some more nice colourful salads on the go!

In other news, we still have no water storage/big containers over in the garden and this week it’s getting a bit unbearable – approx. 55 litres of water carried down from first floor last night and the night before! Mum reckons to get one of those camping water containers that have wheels, now I just have to find one…

First homegrown dinner


So I came home this evening and ever sensible man had already made dinner (lucky me!). Our first dinner with homegrown produce included: baby courgette, broad beans, peas, Nasturtiums, baby beetroot, kale and chard leaves, radishes, new potatoes and finally soft boiled eggs from the chooks. The roast chicken wasn’t one of ours (or so I’ve been told – I’ll be checking later!) There’s absolutely nothing better than the excitement of having your own food on your plate. And not only that but even a humble soft boiled egg tastes like the best egg you’ve ever had. Fingers crossed the veg starts ripening thick and fast now – I’m impatient for another taste! 

Where to start…

As the first post on my first blog, the heading has two meanings:

Where do I start with this in writing? It’s been such a long time coming in getting around to writing about our journey, I’m not sure whether to start from the beginning or just carry on from where we are now.

It was also my reaction when I first saw the plot of land we’d been offered…


But we wanted a challenge, and were desperate to grow on more space that our little window box and front garden could currently cope with. So, after 3 months, we have pulled out all the brambles and nettles, half of a wildly overgrown Euonymus and dug over 2 good plots for veg. We have also invested in 2 chickens and are halfway to having a clay pizza oven built (more on this story as it progresses – the two aren’t related).

In February/early March I got a bit overexcited about sowing so we currently have peas, broad beans, potatoes, garlic, red and white onions, courgette, squash and sweetcorn out – with more currently being sown in case we get a freak frost, a plague of slugs or the chickens escape and eat everything. It’s all a bit of an experiment this year as we have no idea how badly the brambles will come back through, or how shady it will actually be.

So I guess the purpose of this blog is to chart those successes or failures and share some of my own passion for making do with the space you have and growing anything you can.